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Terms of Use
1. Definitions

- BigChina website is proceeded by Polish company BigChina Co. Ltd., which has its business office in Krakow at 3 Milkowskiego Street. For purpose of this regulations every time BigChina is mentioned you should also understand it as BigChina Co. Ltd..

- any person, company or organization who completed registration process and has a full access to all the services that are being offered by BigChina

2. Terms of use

2.1. In order to become an user of BigChina a person or company or organization is bound to own an email address.

2.2. As for the persons, companies or organizations, they are permited to use this website only for the purpose of establishing contact with Chinese companies or/and European as well as for the purpose of widening their knowledge about trade Europe-China.

2.3. Information about address that is displayed in the portrait description of an user is a bald information voluntarily given to public on BigChina website.

2.4. Mass sending of e-mails using BigChina website is strictly prohibited.

3. Registration

3.1. The registration of a person which uses the BigChina's services is done properly only with correct following positions: name, surname, full address with a country, e-mail, phone number.

3.2. The registration of company or organization is done only with correct following positions: company's name, name and surname of the person authorized to contact with BigChina, address of the company's headquater with a country, e-mail, phone number, password and other positions contained in registration form.

3.3. If the user confirms the registration, BigChina is allowed to use information about the user's personalities on conditions defined in BigChina's Privacy Policy and polish law.

3.4. The informations filled in registration form are use to contacts with our users and also to better adjust presenting contents to user's own interests.

3.5. The Users can change informations about themselves on BigChina's website. They can also ask for delete these informations from our database. The BigChina's company can refuse deleting informations about user in cases substantiated by proper law.

3.6. The User can choose type of the subscribtion while filling registration form. The User is bound to make a money transfer after registration process. User should do it after receiving e-mail from BigChina.

4. Privacy policy

Privacy Policy governing use of the BigChina website is enclosed in the annex to this regulation and belong together. User, who gives it's consent to this regulation, agrees also to all the rules of Privacy Policy of BigChina. Disclosure of the data is possible to take place because of the law dictation.

5. Charges

5.1. BigChina can issue an invoice on request for using payable services.

5.2. All services and fees for them are pinpointed in a price list that is available on BigChina website.

6. BigChina responsibility

6.1. BigChina is not responsible for Users' behavior nor for the products their offer.

6.2. BigChina is not responsible for the quality, legality, safety and true description of the products presented on BigChina. BigChina tries to verify Users' data and tries to eliminate acts which can affect Users badly.

6.3. BigChina is not responsible for any transaction based on the information taken from BigChina's website.

7. Statute changes

The content of this regulation can be changed only by BigChina, that binds itself to inform all the Users through email about any introduced alteration. Email address will be taken from the Users' database.

8. Resignation

8.1. The User can resign from BigChina's services at any time. BigChina doesn't give the money back.

8.2. BigChina can suspend the User's account if:
- the User doesn't want to pay
- the User acts to do harm to BigChina
- there are some actings which are obviously contrary to the BigChina's policy.