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About BigChina
BigChina.eu is the first B2B marketplace specialized in linking buyers and suppliers in China and Europe. BigChina operates in the heart of Europe, Poland, where most users come from. Our website focuses not only importers from Poland, but also - the entire Europe. Thanks to BigChina, a lot of importers have found a supplier in China and have read some valuable articles on doing business with China.

The website was created on December 1st 2006 in Polish and English version. A year after, Chinese version was started. Thus, Chinese companies can easily manage their products as well as read interesting advice how to do trade with European companies.

What makes BigChina special among other B2B websites?
  • BigChina headquarter is located in the heart of Europe, Poland. Thus, Chinese companies have access to the knowledge they could never get from the Chinese B2B websites.
  • BigChina has a very good reputation in Europe, especially in Poland. Importers trust us because we give them valuable knowledge of import from China. We invite the experts from major companies such as DHL or HSBC. Moreover, we remove accounts of the companies that cheat and contribute to showing the Chinese economy in the false light. This fact is also highly appreciated by the Europen importers.
  • BigChina treats import locally, e.x. in the Polish edition www.BigChina.pl we do not describe the subject of import in general, but from the perspective of Polish companies and regulations. This is also what we are going to do in other European countries where different versions of BigChina will be created.
  • BigChina system automatically translates importers' inquiries from Polish to English language. Thanks to this, the users of BigChina who are not that fluent in English, also can send their inquiry to the Chinese exporter.
  • Using BigChina is free. Chargeable memberships cost little comparing to other B2B websites.
  • BigChina team are experienced experts in the field of sales and marketing in Europe - this knowledge cannot be gained in China.
  • BigChina widely promotes import from China in the media.

BigChina also does other import related services: creating business reports, veryfying factories' credibility and comprehensive handling of import orders. Our services are very popular and receive many positive reviews from our customers. Our professionalism is primarily watched over by Michal Lebkowski - the founder of BigChina and an experienced importer, and the company Z&L Group - our business representative. This company also works as an manufacturer and exporter, it has cooperation with hundreds of factories and keep good relationships with many business chambers. This is what guarantees that our every activity in China is carried out with reliability, competence and security, and, thanks to our vast network of collaborators, we can practicaly perform any commercial business between China end Europe.