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Do you want to import from China? Hand down your import realization to us
  2008-08-21 14:30:05

BigChina assists clients in import from China. We possesse immense experience, backed by many years business activity, contacts with thousands of factories and dozens of chambers of commerce. This is what guarantees that our every activity in China is carried out with reliability, competence and security, and, thanks to our vast network of collaborators, we can practicaly perform any commercial business between China end Europe.

We can realize your import complexity at your request. The offer includes:
  • contacting exporter in Chinese,
  • negotiations with exporter as regards conditions of delivery, price, additional options,
  • purchase product from Chinese supplier (side in business is Luna, not Chinese supplier, what makes things easier),
  • checking reliability of Chinese exporter,
  • preparing and completing all documentation necessary in import,
  • supervision over import process, contacting the other firms, that assist in import, e.g. customs agencies, transport,
  • import advisory services,
  • monitoring the others Chinese exporters in the event where you need to change your supplier quickly..

Import with BigChina - save your time and your money. Importing needs a lot of preparations. Someone who has never imported, doesn't know that. It is very important to know Chinese market, language and culture. There is also need to know how to solve emergency problems. BigChina.eu knows how to do it.

If you want to import from China via us, send e-mail: import@bigchina.eu.

If you want to order our service, fill in this form and we will call you.
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