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Do you want to establish valuable relations with the right suppliers? Order manufacturers' report!
  2008-07-29 12:18:11

BigChina creates various raports about Chinese market for clients, for example the manufacturers' reports. This kind of report include all information that are needful to import specific product or groups of products.

In order to establish valuable relations with the right suppliers, we will prepare for You a report which will contain information about  manufacturers of the desired product. On the basis of such a report You can easily start importing from China.

Price: 115 EURO - 445 EURO

The valuation of each order is after the contact with the client, because the scope of activities may be different.

If you want to order the raport, send e-mail: import@bigchina.eu.

If you want to order our service, fill in this form and we will call you.
Note: * - required information.