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Verified Membership
Verified Membership    Verified Member 

Promotional price: 6,000 CNY per year  

1. You can add up to 80 products with their photos

2. You can add link to your website

3. You can provide twice more relevant keywords than Standard Member

4. Your products will be displayed just below the Verified and Premium members' products

5. You can edit your selling offer (Standard Members cannot edit their selling offer)

6. One featured product on the category page will be free for you during all your Premium Membership. (It is sold 200 CNY per month separately) You can edit your featured offer or exchange it for another one whenever you want.

7. Your last offer and company information will be presented for buyers on the main page until next member will buy Verified Membership.

8. BigChina will help you solve the problems when contacting with European buyers twelve times for free.

9. You will be recommended in the branch - You will appear in the product reviews ordered by our clients from Europe - this presence usually costs 500 CNY, Verified Members have it for free.

10. Banner (or company logo directed to your MINI-site on BigChina) on the category page will be free for you within one month. (It is sold 400 CNY per month separately)

11. Our Chinese branch will interview you and check the documents of Your Company. If your firm turns out to be reliable you will receive Verified distinction, which will multiply your chances of selling your merchandise to Europe - once the Chinese company is checked and approved by BigChina, European importers find it reliable.

12. You will have your own Mini-site on BigChina.