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I forgot my Member ID
If you forget your Member ID, please contact us as soon as possible. Please click here to contact us.
I forgot my Password
If you forget your Password, please go to the Member Login page. You will find it by clicking: Forget your Password? Please ask to get back it.
Why am I logged off while changing the language version?
Every language version of BigChina (BigChina.eu, cn.BigChina.eu and BigChina.pl) runs separately. A logged in user cannot remain logged in after having changed the language version.
How to find my interested products?
You can find your interested products by clicking the categories of Product Directory step by step. You can also use Search.
How to search for China manufacturer, China factory?
Use keywords or search Product Directory, which is an ever-expanding database of China products and China manufacturers/factories/suppliers. Find detailed company and product information. And contact any company (member only) online. Post Buy Offers (member only). China suppliers may then contact you for further negotiation.
How to use Search?
You can search for products and companies in Homepage and Product Directory; and search for offers in Homepage.
What is the function of Advanced Search?
Advanced Search can make your search result more accurate by narrowing down your search scope. You can search Sell Offers, Buy offers and companies by keywords or search under a certain category.
What is the difference between search by category and by keywords?
All of the products on BigChina are classified into categories, which are then further divided into sub-categories. You can browse the interested products by category.
You may also search by keywords and find more results from all categories or specified category(using advanced search). Please note that search in an individual category will lead to more accurate results. Keywords could be a product name.
I am a China supplier. Which advertising services could I choose?
China suppliers can choose our Premium Membership, Verified Membership or both Premium and Verified Membership and advertising services such as Featured Products, Top Products, Mega Banner, Banners.

Click here to learn more about advertising opportunities.
Where do the buyers of BigChina come from?
The buyers of BigChina mainly come from Europe especially Poland.
When posting a Sell Offer, I have problems selecting category.
The most likely cause is that your browser does not support JavaScript. You can solve this problem in the following ways: If you use Netscape please upgrade to 5.0 or above. If you use Internet Explorer, please enable JavaScript the following way:
  1. Click "Tools" on the menu bar of your browser
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Click Security
  4. In Security, select "Default" to restore settings, or select "Customize" and set JavaScript to "Enabled"
Once JavaScript has been enabled, please proceed with selecting a category.
Why do I keep receiving similarily looking inquiries? Is it spam?
Inquiries received by the Chinese exporters through BigChina often look similar. This has to do with the fact that our system uses the inquiry form. Polish importers mark informations, which they want to get. Then, our system formulates the inquiry. Therefore, product inquiries often look similar. This solution helps the importers very much. It is a very big advantage of BigChina. Please do not identify such inquiries as a spam. Reply to these questions as the importers are waiting for your information and want to buy from you.
Why isn't my offer on the website yet?
BigChina.eu focuses mainly on the Polish market. In order to present the offers in www.bigchina.pl, all profiles of the manufacturers as well as the description of their products are translated to Polish language. Considering time necessary to translate the offer, we kindly inform that every newly introduced profile of the manufacturer or product, can be visible on BigChina up to 72 hours after the registration.
What is a 'recommendation code'?
A 'recommendation code' is a special code that is received by every company that recommends BigChina.eu to another company. If the code is inscribed while registering the new, recomended company, the points are scored by the company that recommends another firm and by the company that is registering.
Where can I find my recommendation code?
The recommendation code can be find in My BigChina section. A user has to log in and select the loyalty program link to see his recommendation code.
Why is it worth to take a part in the loyalty program?
By joining the program, you gain an unrepeatable opportunity to collect the points that can be traded into attractive prizes such as the possibility to poromote your company and products in megabanners, banners and featured offer. Everything is free – all you have to do is collect the points, be an active user, invite friends to register in our website, present the products, take part in competitions organized by BigChina.