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R&b Instrument Inc.
Product Details: Ultrasonic Water Meter
Ultrasonic Water Meter

Product Name: Ultrasonic Water Meter
Model Number: product size
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Posted on: 2018-02-08

Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter (DN15 to DN40) is designed for residential smart water metering. It is operated by battery.
Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter (DN15 to DN40) Features:

Ultrasonic signal quality detection

Low initial flow rate and min. flow velocity measured is 0.002m/s;

No mechanical moving parts, long service life

Water temperature detection, low temperature alarm

Abnormal water usage alarm

High-precision machining centers, initiating action to prevent the occurrence of product non-conformity, stable and reliable

IP68 of the whole meter, for each unit of the meter is IP68 designed; mounting, immune to any impact on measuring and pressure dropping to a minimum meanwhile

Complies to MODBUS RTU and EN13757 communication protocol

Adaptable to inferior water quality, low in maintenance cost

Ultralow power consumption, battery with over 10-years(DN15-40, less than 0.0008W

Support optical, RS485 and M-BUS (wired & wireless) communication interface; available in remote reading(AMR), and easy for central control and management

Approved according to GB/T 778-2007 and MID certification

Advanced calibrating device, adopt international advanced automatic heat meter calibration device, ensure the product accuracy

Comply to drinkable water standard requirement

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