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The business sector stands for the implementation of complete logistics systems, tailored to the individual requirements of the customer. The logistics operator is the architect and main actor in the logistics chain. Specialised logistics solutions cannot be created with standard software. For this reason BLG LOGISTICS has got in-house software competencies at its disposal.

The main performance areas are: Automotive parts, consumer products and business electronics. Furthermore there are special services for specific product groups and individual customers.

Example automotive industry: Worldwide procurement, production strategies and marketing are a reality in the branch. And manufacturers have significantly reduced their depth of production. The logistics operator therefore integrates partial manufacture of the manufacturer and numerous suppliers into his system performance, in order to reliably supply the assembly lines locally and abroad.

Manufacturers also roll down production steps to their logistics operators. At BLG LOGISTICS this includes the hardening of glued chassis components, preservation of basic building elements and pre-assemblies of system components. BLG LOGISTICS functions as "extended workbench" of the automotive industry.

Example business electronics: The entire European market and parts of Africa are being centrally supplied with office equipment from Konica Minolta via Bremen. Basic equipment is configured according to individual customer orders at the Logistics Center Bremen, assembled with accessories and operating instructions and delivered to the customer within a matter of hours.

Example consumer products: BLG LOGISTICS has constructed the largest and most modern high bay racking store for the non-food logistics of Tchibo in Bremen at a cost of € 100 million. This warehouse supplies the entire subsidiary network and the independent trade with non-food products of Tchibo. Demand and season related article assortments are exchanged on a weekly basis by new offers. In this way huge volumes of goods are processed over short periods in the Logistics Center, which have to be checked and in certain instances also processed.

In logistics not all services can be centralised expediently at a single site. BLG LOGISTICS invests in those areas, where the relevant customer requires its services. A network of logistics centres and special plants meantime operates at 30 sites, locally and abroad, for renowned customers like Mercedes, VW, Bosch, Siemens, Konica Minolta, IKEA and many more.

Other focal points in contract logistics are projects like traffic systems, steel products, plants and machinery, the entire forestry product group and refrigeration and deep freeze goods. This includes a comprehensive palette of logistical individual services like storage, handling, transport, distribution and service of goods. BLG LOGISTICS also operates as a flexible buffer storage for production and trade. Customers are integrated into the IT of BLG LOGISTICS and have ready access to information on quality, whereabouts and quantity of goods.