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China dissatisfied about EU's anti-dumping measures against China
Source: Xinhua 2009-01-28 14:41:05
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The Chinese government expressed dissatisfaction over the EU's final decision to take anti-dumping measures against China-made fasteners, Yao Jian, spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce, said on Wednesday.

Yao also expressed the attitude on behalf of Chinese fastener manufacturers.

Yao said that China believed that practices by the EU's in the investigation and verdict on China-exported fasteners were inconsistent with WTO (World Trade Organization) rules and EU anti-dumping laws.

"The ruling against the Chinese products lacked justness and transparency, with obvious probability toward trade protectionism," Yao noted.

This "extremely damaged the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese fastener manufacturers. China will study and assess the verdict and retain right to appeal to the World Trade Organization against the ruling," Yao said.

On Nov. 9, 2007, the European Commission decided to impose investigation against steel fasteners made in China.

The EU is a major target market for China-made fasteners, accounting for one third of the country's total exports of such products.

Fasteners, including (strew) nuts, bolts, strews and nut collars, are widely used to manufacture machines, equipment and motor vehicles, build ships, railroads, bridges and structures and to produce tools, instruments and meters.