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Chinese calendar
Source: www.BigChina.eu 2008-09-25 22:28:52
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The Chinese Calendar differs slightly from European calendar. The Chinese celebrate a lot of holidays which we do not know in Europe. So it is worth to acquaint oneself with the most important dates in the Chinese calendar in order to know when the Chinese do not work and when it is no use trying to contact them.

Western New Year: 30 December 2007 – 1 January 2008 –  3 days free
The holiday is celebrated in the European style. There are parties and fireworks shows.

Chinese New Year:* 6 February 2008 – 12 February 2008 –  7 days free
The most important holiday in the Chinese calendar year, the so-called Holiday of Spring. The Chinese celebrate it according to the traditional moon calendar; thus  it is a mobile holiday.  Pompous celebrations last nearly two weeks and their atmosphere resembles Christmas.

The Holiday of  Grave Cleaning: 4 April 2008 – 6 April 2008 – 3 days free
The Holiday of  Grave Cleaning is aimed at celebrations in memory of the dead.  In this respect it resembles slightly our All Saints’ Day. The Chinese clean the graves, light candles, burn paper money, clothes of the deceased and crackers. Within  the time of the holiday celebration,  families prepare tasty dishes (the best dishes are those liked by the  deceased) and later bring them to their ancestors’ graves and celebrate the holiday.

Labour Holiday: 1 May 2008 – 3 May 2008 – 3 days free
International Labour Holiday, celebrated also in European countries, e.g. in Poland.

The Festival of Chinese Dragon Boats:* 7 June 2008 – 9 June 2008 – 3 days free
The holiday is also called 'the holiday of the fifth month'. It is celebrated in memory of the great Chinese poet Qu Yuan. During the celebrations there are famous races of dragon boats decorated with sophisticated motives - with the heads of colourful dragons. The Chinese often prepare themselves for months to races and competitions. There are feasts and rewards awaiting the winners.

The Chinese Moon Festival: 13 September 2008 – 15 September 2008 – 3 days free
The Holiday is connected with many legends, celebrated on the 15th day of the ninth month. The moon is the brightest and fullest on this day. Within the time of the holiday all friends share “Moon Cakes”'.

The Proclamation of the Chinese People’s Republic: 29 September 2008 – 5 October 2008 –7 days free
The official national holiday, organised in memory of the proclamation of the Chinese People’s Republic. Celebrations, organised mainly by the government, are  accompanied by numerous festivals, concerts and parades. 

*Shifting holiday